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Accessories For Textile MachineryAccessories For Textile Machinery
    Sewing and Embroidery and Garment Machinery
   Making-up Industry
   Braiding and Embroidery Machinery
    Spinning and Spinning Preparatory machinery
   Spinning Preparatory Machinery
   Man-made Filaments and Fibres For Filament Treatment
   Spinning Machines
   Automatic Doffing, Piecing and Transport Systems
   Winding, Texturing and Twisting Machinery
    Weaving and Weaving Preparatory Machinery
   Weaving Preparatory, Weaving and Tufting Machinery
    Knitting Machinery
   Knitting and Hosiery Machinery
   Braiding and Embroidery Machinery
    Dyeing, Laundry, Printing and Finishing Machinery
   Washing, Bleaching, Dyeing, Printing, Drying, Finishing, Cutting, Rolling and Folding Machinery
    Technical Textile Machinery
   Web Formation, Bonding and Finishing of Nonwovens and Felting
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