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Weaving Preparatory, Weaving and Tufting MachineryWeaving Preparatory, Weaving and Tufting Machinery
   Other accessories [217]
   Rapier tapes, rapiers [11]
   Reeds [39]
   Cutting devices for weaving Machines [11]
   Healds [37]
   Ceramic and porcelain accessories [11]
   Drop wires [29]
   Beams for narrow fabrics [11]
   Heald frames [24]
   Fabric inspection systems [10]
   Beams, beam flanges [18]
   Harnesses [10]
   Cones, tubes and pirns for weaving [16]
   Shuttles [10]
   Tufting grippers, needles and cutters [15]
   Jacquard and dobby cards [10]
   Warp stop motions [14]
   Pick counters [10]
   Temples [14]
   Pickers and lug straps [10]
   Roller coverings [13]
   Weft feelers [10]
   Online sensors and measuring devices [12]
   Yarn break detectors [10]
   Yarn thread guides [12]
   Yarn brakes [8]
   Weft stop motions [11]
   Leather accessories [5]
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