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intex Consulting GmbH is a consulting and software company, headquartered in Wuppertal/Germany. We offer - Standard software, integrated solutions including competent consultancy and support. Our core product is the integrated business management standard ERP software - Intex. Intex is developed for textile companies off all production kinds and sizes. Since our foundation in 1995 we have won several new well-known customers. Based on our dynamic growth we have attained a leading position in the market.

Beyond the software range, we offer support and consultancy all around the implementation and the use of the software. Our individual support includes especially our assistance concerning system technical and organizational concerns. Intex includes different modules from purchasing to production planning and scheduling up to distribution management. With this solution Intex covers a wide range of business management problems.

ERP Software solutions for Textiles from intex

1. Intex ERP business suite for textiles

2. SAP All in One Intex ERP for textile

ERP Business Suite for Textiles

Management Information System
The Management Information System (MIS) of the Intex application comprises the following modules.

  • Executive Information System
  • Sales Information System
  • Production Information System
  • Costing Information System
  • Purchase Information System

A smooth order processing and a proactive sales department are essential for the success of your company.

You have to make sure, that your customers are always satisfied with your service. Intex assists you with an easy and automated order processing which requires minimum data entry. Your staff can focus on their main tasks without wasting valuable time on data collection.

An optimized sales cycle requires an optimized dispatch handling. As soon as the delivery is released, the goods can be shipped.

Material Planning
The task of the production planning department is to ensure free capacities and material availability, so your customer can receive your goods on time.

The planning department has to book the production orders and monitor the order progress. Thereby Intex supports your schedulers.

The Intex availability check is a sophisticated application with graphical displays and automatic alerts.

Production Scheduling
The Intex production planning is the core of the Intex ERP Business Suite. All production processes can be displayed and optimized in Intex. This helps you to increase the efficiency of your production.

Inventory and Material Management
In Intex it is easy to overview your material stocks - both textile and non-textile on all levels

Online Scanning
Intex offers an online scanning application, which helps you to improve the stock-handling and to optimize the booking in the production and shipping departments. This application is integrated directly in Intex and does not have to be integrated by an interface. The Intex application runs on WLAN-scanners, without a further subsystem.

In order to deliver to your customers in due time, you have to rely on the supply availability and timeliness of your suppliers.

Also the transparency in the value added chain is extremely important nowadays. In case of a customer claim you need to trace back definitely, which purchased batches were processed.

By exact timing of deliveries Intex helps you to reduce the storage costs and the capital commitment.

Product Development
The textile specialization of Intex offers many advantages over other generic systems.

Especially the administration of the routings offer reliable data at less effort. The order process flow can be generated automatically, depending on article characteristics and requirements

Laboratory and Recipes
The central administration of recipes and laboratory orders and samples helps you to optimize the cost- and time-intensive processes of adjusting new dyeing and finishing recipes. The connection of Colorimetry systems simplifies the recipe administration

Quality Management and Inspection
An important aspect of the Quality Management (QM) is the Quality Assurance.

Quality control and inspection, as well as the administration of quality requirements are essential functions of the Intex application.

Intex helps you to ensure that your products meet the requirements of your customers and that the quality of your deliveries is up to your standard.

The controlling in Intex is the most important part of the Management Information System (MIS). It covers the functions of the costing and the operative controlling.

System Administration
Intex is developed for international use and is available in various languages, and supports different units of measurement and many country-specific functions.

Intex is very stable and reliable standard software. During normal operation Intex doesn't burden your staff with system management.

The maintenance, optimization and support of the system is very easy-to-handle. The installation of updates, which are released up to 8 times a year, is quite simple.

SAP All-in-One intex

Although textile companies produce a variety of diverse products - from high tech synthetic yarns to wool fabrics, and from cotton linen to diapers - they share the same challenges of increased globalization, intensive supplier and sales markets, and outsourcing. To overcome these challenges and succeed in today's market, textile companies are increasing the integration of their supply chains and are maintaining operational costs under strict control.

Based on a flexible and open infrastructure, SAP All-in-One solution for textiles can help you run your integrated business processes beyond today's boundaries - from collaborative product design to manufacturing, sales, and financial and internal success controls.

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