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Product Detail :

Embroidery Machine  

Model : GY902 - JIALUN Computerized Multi-Head Embroidery Machine

Maximum memory 1,000,000 stitch Maximum Emb.space Design storing Return back
to amend embroidery Auto speed adjusting Rotating,enlarging and reducting for
embroidery design Broken thread testing Auto color tranfer(chosed by client)
Repeat embroidering Design editting Lcd

Indirection of the embroidering specifications:

 The specifications of the mbroidering and display in capitalized ceters
and can be selected by the user for different needs.

Pattern combination:

 This function allows to combine a number of pattern into a new pattern in
accordance with different enlargement/condensation rate.rotation angle pattern
direction.relative position.

Pattern trimming : 

The selected patterns can be.trimmed or embroidered with central cross.In total,
there are 99 straight-line patterns stored in the system that be easily

Easy operation :

The model takes the highly reliable compnterized system which was specifically
developed for auto-control of the embroidering machines Each button/key has been
printed with functional symbol and word. the displays can be both in English and
Chinese. The whole system is simple to operate.

Pattern memory :

The internal memory can store 2000 patterns.the max.number of stiches can be
over 1,000,000.

Make-up embroidering :

In the process of embroidering if the thread is broren off or some stitches are
missed.the head can revert to the positions where stitches are missed.when
embroidering combined.it can return to the starting points of the ordinary

Pattern rotation and enlargement /condenstation :

This function allows the clock-wise and counter clockwise360° rotation degree
by degree. the patterns can be enlarged or reduced to varying rations at vetical
or Horizontal direction.Also the sequence of the enlargements/condensations or
the rotation of the patterns can be preset to cater to the needs of different

Idle :

By using the speed and slow race with other location means in the process of the
operation.it is more convenient to make up the follow-up stitches.

Display of memorized patterns :

The memorized patterns can be displayed which is convenient to the selection and
output of the embroidery patterns.

Pattern edit :

This function allows to edit the memoried patterns with easy operation.

Specification of Model : GY902 :

- Head : 2

- Head Interval (Mm) : 400 Mm

- Number Of Needle Bar (Mm) : 9

- Emb. Space (W/D) (Mm) : 400×500

- Emb. Speed : 360-750

- Table Size (W/D) (Mm) : 1921/1800

- Pack Size (Mm) : 2080/1980/1650

- Packing Material : Wood

- Gross Weight : 890 Kg

- Net Weight : 610 Kg


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