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Laboratory Machine For Textile  


This combination of a coating table with drying oven represents a universally
suitable unit for various kinds of coating. The cloth, release paper or foil to
be coated is placed on a material holder. Then the required coating process is
done by means of roller knife, floating knife or rubber blanket knife
application. Multiple coatings are also possible without repinning of the
sample. For drying the latter is entered into the drying oven. The sample can
now again be coated or laminated with e.g. PVC or PU. When the adjusted drying
time has run down the sample comes out again automatically.


Sample size max. 33 x 43 cm

Coated surface max. 28 x 30 cm

Temperature range up to 250°C

Dwell time 5 s to 999 min

Roller knife, floating knife and rubber blanket knife coating

Accurate adjustment of coating thickness multiple coating without repinning of
the sample

Automatic feed an delivery

Laminating, roller application, lacquering possible with appropriate accessories

Central control unit for temperature, time, fan revolutions etc with following

Interface RS 232

Autoprogrammer for 20 programs 20 steps each for controlled heating rate,
holding time, fan revolutions, entry and delivery of the pin frame etc.

The LABCOATER can be supplied with a non contact infrared measuring device to
measure the actual surface temperature of the sample space requirements approx.
1 m2

The following material holders and accessories are available:

Pin frame to hold textile or similar material in length type NR-L

Pin frame to hold textile or similar material in length and width type NR-L+B

Reversing pin frame for coating both sides without repinning the sample type WR-L

Foil frame to hold release paper, foils, non-wovens etc. type FR-L

Ssieve frame with removable cover for loose material type SR

Laminating device type SV-K for the lamination of PVC

Laminating device type K-SK for the lamination of PU

Roller coating device type WBE for back coatings of carpets, velvet etc.

Motor drive with infinitely variable speed for the coating head


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