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Flocking Machine  

Flocking Machine - Model FR6

The Flocking Machine mod. FR6 consists of three base modules, each one
including: Two electrostatic hoppers with two multi-row rotating brushes. Each
brush is opposed to a stainless steel screen. Rotation speed and pressure are
both adjustable. The screen can be easily removed

Lifting system to adjust gap between hoppers and fabric

Set of beater bars rotating at high variable speed. Below the beater bars a
collector recovers flock falling outside the fabric. The collector is equipped
with a screw conveyor in order to connect it to the suction system

Safety sealing of the flocking field with aluminium and glass windows, in order
to prevent flock pollution. When the windows are opened, the electrostatic field
is automatically disconnected and ground connected

EG/100 electrostatic generator Power: 0÷6 mA Tension: 0÷100 kV

A pre-feeder placed on top of the machine, which stores flock and constantly
feeds it to the flocking hoppers. Flock level inside each flocking hopper is
controlled automatically.

Flocking Machine mod. FR6 is built in two different versions: - with stenter,
to flock knitted and regular fabrics - with conveyor belt, to flock heavy
fabrics and other supports, such as paper, plastic, etc...

AIGLE Flocking Machine main features are: Hoppers which handle flock very
carefully, thus preventing it from agglomerating and rolling up into balls

Uniform, constant and accurately adjustable flock distribution, both on width
and length of the fabric

Electronic controls to maintain constant flock level inside the hoppers

Light-weight and balanced beater bars, built with special hexagonal aluminium
sections and exclusively designed by AIGLE, in order to ensure maximum fabric
vibration uniformity

Pre-cleaning suction blades, which remove excess flock from fabric

Easy access, to reduce color change operation time


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