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Dyeing Machine  

AM-OH 25 : Dual Flow Rapid Dyeing Machine

Dual flow Dyeing System equipped with both overflow and jet flow nozzle
system. This achieve the best dyeing quality for all kinds of fabrics from very
light to very heavy fabrics not only for knitted but also for woven fabrics by
its optional overflow dyeing or jet flow dyeing system


Max. Temperature 110¢J:

With this temperature to process the pretreatment such as scouring and
bleaching. The effect will be highly improved and the processing time will be

Fully Closed Vessel:

This prevent from cavitation at 98¢J and tangling problem while running in
traditional atmospheric machine.

Extreme Low Liquor Ratio:

Extreme low liquor ratio 1:4~5 save the chemical and energy consumption, wasted
water treatment also decreased.

Auto Cleaning System:

To clean the tank after each dyeing cycle automatically to prevent from dirting
fabrics of next batch.

Fabric Spread Out Circulation:

The fabrics is spread out while circulation in dyeing tube then flow down to the
dyeing chamber smoothly without any assistance of mechanism. Due to the fabrics
natural irregularly changeable but orderly storage on the dyeing chamber. This
prevent from the crease mark problem of woven fabrics and resolve the edge
curling problem of tricot fabrics.

Uniform Dyeing:

Reasonable loading capacity for each chamber to prevent from too long fabrics
length and the creasing due to the fabrics gravity. This ensure the higher dye
up take and minimize the fabric cycle time. The nozzle pressure also can be
descreased. The above all achieve the uniform, low tension and pillingless

Free Of Crease Mark Improve Hand Feeling:

The detwisting effect for high twisted fabrics and better hand feeling for man
made fiber fabrics are improved be its special dyeing tube construction. This
also achives free of crease marks.

Special Overflow Rinsing System:

Ensure the better washing effect not only shorten the washing time but also
minimize the water consumption.

Save Space:

Compact construction save the space requirement.


Number of Chambers : 1

Capacity (kg) : 25

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