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Product Detail :

Warping Machine  

Model - GA125 High Speed Batch Warping Machine

This machine can accurately control the winding density, length and arrangement
of warp yarn, thus it is suitable for batch warping of various kinds of short
fiber yarns and is the pre-spinning preparation equipment of various kinds of
shuttle less looms.

Features :

1. The product is designed deliberately in accordance with the JIS
specifications and manufactured in a precious way.

2.Directly driven by the yarn beams, frequency-conversion and speed-adjustment
electrical engine can realize the stepless setting of the whole-yarn speed and
the constant linear velocity.

3.The machine is equipped with the pressure rollers, with the pressure addable
by the leaning linear track, achieving the stable and constant pressure. The
high preciseness proportional pressure reduction valves form a closed pressure
control ring and help realize the constant yearn-beam winding density. (Patent

4.The machine can be operated on the full computer controlled human-machine
interface touch screen, convenient to operate, and with visible and vivid

5.The machine is equipped with pneumatic bobbin loading & unloading type
beam, which can be operated manually or automatically. In addition, the machine
is equipped with the touch screen display, convenient to operate, safe and

6.The machine is equipped with safety devices, locking the yarn beam shifting
yoke. The occurrence of sudden power cut and gas stoppage will not cause the
dropping off of the yearn stop.

7.The yarn beam and carrier roller are designed in a linkage format, achieving
higher liquefaction level.

8.The machine is equipped with both sides brake on the yarn beam, which can help
to achieve more steady stoppage.

9.When pressure is added to the pressing roll, it can rebound quickly, thus in
avoidance of the fraction between the pressing roll and the surface of the yarn
beam. (Patent Technology)

Technical Specifications :

1 Width : 1800mm (Other width should be specially manufactured in accordance
with the requirements of the clients)

2 Maximum diameter of the yarn beam disc : 800mm;(1,000mm should be specially
manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the clients)

3 Warping velocity : 100-1000 m/min

4 Unloading and loading means of the yarn beam : Pneumatic pressure type

5 The supporting means of the pressure roller : 150 leaning lathe (sliding type)

6 Back rolling length : 2400mm

7 Braking distance : =3m(500m/min)

8 Error of the warp yarn length : =0.2%

9 Yarn stand : Rectangular (V) shape, fixed type or rotary type

10 Creel ingot distances and the number of ingots : 250X250mm,560?(basic type)

11 Power rate of the main engine : 22Kw, 4 poles

12 Weight of the principal unit : 4800Kg

13 Weight of the yearn stand : 3000Kg

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