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Fabrics Mercerising Machine  

Kyotos Clip Type Mercerizing Range

Crystallized Machine from Kytos long Experience and High Technology

The description in this pamphlet may vary from part of quotation & may be
sometimes altered without prior notice according to the continual improvement
and progress in our design and technology.


Highspeed Operation

The world fastest machines with the practical operation speed up to 200m/min.
have been completed.

Wide Availability for various types of fabrics

Weft Distortion Proof System for thin Fabrics. Cloth widthloss Proof System for
thin Fabrics. High Tension Proof Design for thick[Heavy] Fabrics.

Automated Equipments for small lot productions :

Depending on our uptodate technical developments, Fully Automatic Computerized
Mercerizing Range is also ready for practical use on demand, which shall be most
helpful for labour saving and quality control.

Padding Mangle :

Rigid steel frame provided. Impregnating trough is constructed with double wall
with heat insulation material inside and equipped with trough elevater system by
pneumatic cylinder to make the cloth threading easy. Automatic Density Control
Device of caustic soda solution and Refrigerating Equipment are on demand.

Tension Cylinder

It is specially designed to overcome strong tension of thick fabric. The
magnetic brakes are provided in the interim of tension cylinders of highspeed
machine to prevent the running fabrics from explosive tension and cutting
problem when emergency stopping. warp tension can be adjusted thru fingertip

Clip Stenter

Highspeed operation is completely achieved by means of our specially designed
rigid rails and clips. Our clip is perfectly available for both thin and thick
fabrics. Highspeed model provides special lining on the rail to reduce friction
and to save driving power. New type of a Suction Equipment contribute energy
saving and increases suction effect.

Clip Chain

It is specially designed and precisely manufactured for highspeed operation.
Clip Chain can fit well high tension of thick fabrics and smooth and exact
clipping for thin fabrics.


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