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Fibre Spinning Preparatory Machine  

Fibre Preparation Machinery


Purpose designed machinery for the specialist process of dehairing exotic
natural fibres such as Cashmere, Angora and Mohair. Operating as a continuous
‘in-line’ system the machine gently separates the fibres to ensure minimal
damage and preserve staple length. The new Dehairing unit incorporates separate
waste recycling to improve performance and maximise yield and productivity.


The Tatham Fearnought Opener provides controlled opening and short-term or localised blending of the widest possible range of fibres including wool, hair synthetics, bast and waste materials.

The new design heavy duty machine is capable of exceptionally high production
utilising the established pre-carding principle to provide a gentle but thorough
opening and mixing of the various natural and synthetic fibre types.


Tatham offers a comprehensive range of Fibre Blending equipment to its customers
in the Woollen, Semi-Worsted, Sliver Knit or Non-Woven industries. The Tatham
range, from simple compact units to fully automatic fibre blending plants,
ensures that the optimum blending system is available to provide the most
efficient, economic and technically correct solution to individual requirements.

The product range includes Picker and Fearnought Openers, Hopper Feeds with
Micro-Control systems, Automatic Bin Emptier units, Fibre Oiling systems,
Cyclones, Rotary Spreaders, Card and Blend Bins.


The new design Fibre Separator has been primarily introduced for extracting ‘shive’
from the flax fibre, but has now been adapted as an extremely efficient cleaning
machine for waste cottons, burred wools, cashmere and other fibres.


This special 1.0 m. wide Fearnought has been specifically introduced for
processing small batch sizes and general applications requiring a gentle opening
action, for example in processing exotic fibres such as cashmere, fine micron
wools and specialised fibres utilised in the non-woven industry.


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