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Leather Skiving Machine  

SS20 - Computerized Skiving Machine

The SS20 was born from the accurate application of modern mechanical and
electronic technology. It represents a major departure from the traditional
skiving machine. The computer installed in the SS20 has made it possible to
introduce some unique features. The machine, in fact, is constantly monitored,
it adjusts itself automatically and stays perfectly efficient while in
operation. All functions are performed by mechanical units driven by independent
motors operating under the direct control of the computer. The original
structure of mechanical units has made it possible to use a tilting
electro-spindle, thus allowing an immediate accessibility to mechanical parts
and an easier knife and grindstone replacement. The console can be easily
reached and the data displays are very clear. An efficient dust collector is
built in the frame of the machine.


Knife Positioning

Knife Sharpening And Grindstone Dressing

Work-Piece Feeding


Work-Piece Processing With Different Scarves

Technical Specifications:

Scarf width: 0 - 20 mm

Feed rate: 0 - 75 cm/sec

Knife rotation speed: 2700 rpm

Productivity: dependent on work-piece shape

Power supply: 380 V three-phase (upon request single phase 190-240 V)

Maximum power consumption: 1200 W

Net weight (with crate): 135 kg (160 Kg)

Height (with crate): 1030 mm (1200 mm)

Width (with crate): 1050 mm (1130 mm)

Depth (with crate): 550 mm (650 mm)


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